Current IT Projects

Your IT Department is always working hard to deliver you the best and most reliable service possible. Below you can see some of the "bigger" and "long term" projects we are working on.

Last Updated: January 10, 2018

Running Projects
Project Desc Status
New Active Directory Configruation UC IT is assessing system and network security and making appropriate changes. ON TIME
VMWare Horizion Redeploy Updating backend sofware for Thin Clients. ON TIME

Completed Projects
Project Desc Status
TimeClock Plus UC IT and UC HR is working together to implement a new timekeeping system. COMPLETED
Network Hardening UC IT is assessing system and network security and making appropriate changes. COMPLETED
Switch Replacement UC IT is replacing various network switches around the campus. COMPLETED
Backup Solution UC IT is deploying a backup solution for most servers. COMPLETED
Sharepoint Portal Upgrade Upgrading Sharepoint, which contains the UC Portal. COMPLETED
ISE Redeploy Reconfiguring Identity Service nodes for better network security. COMPLETED
Informacast Deployment Deploy Informacast, which is an emergency alert system. COMPLETED
ADFS Server Upgrade Upgrading our ADFS server from 2.0 to 3.0 COMPLETED
PSAP 911 Dialing Configure Phone systems to dial local 911 at branch locations COMPLETED
Pharos Printing Redeployment Redeploy servers and configuration for Pharos COMPLETED
Security Camera Revamp UC IT is replacing most every security camara on campus with new ones. COMPLETED
SAN Rebuilding UC IT is cleaning up the environment after a SAN malfunction. COMPLETED
Server Monitoring UC IT is deploying a server monitoring solution. COMPLETED
IT Website Depolyment UC IT is deploying a website to handoff information to users. COMPLETED
CampusCall UC IT and Advancement implemented a new system for reaching out to Alumni. COMPLETED
Fabric Interconnect Replacement Replaced Fabric Interconnect Switches that were EOL in the Data Center. COMPLETED

The below projects in no way affect day to day operations at the University. These projects are chosen by IT employees as "Extra Ciricular" activities.

Developmental Projects
Project Desc Status
Folding@home Donating processing power to protein folding calculations. ENDED
ADSB Plane Tracking Using Software Defined Radio to track Airplanes ENDED
Minecraft Server 1.12.2 Vanilla Survival RUNNING