Printing at UC

The University of Charleston utilizes "Papercut" to track printing for students and employees.


How to add a UC printer to your computer:

Visit for instructions to add a printer to your computer or mobile device.

Which printer should I add?

For Students: Add the Find_Me printer. The full shared printer path is \\\Find_Me

For Employees: Add the Find_Me Printer and also your department printer shared from the papercut server. When printing to your department printer you will not be required to swipe your ID card or login. Printing charges will still be tracked. This is set up for the convenience of employees that print to the same printer for each print job when printer is physically secured.

What is "Find Me Printing?"

The Find_Me printer is a virtual print queue that does not point to any individual printer. Jobs submitted to this print queue are held for a maximum of 2 days from time of submission. Users simply have to walk up to any papercut emabled copier, swipe their ID card or login with their UC credentials and select the job they want to release. This is convenient not only for students, but also employees who find themselves in another area of campus for meetings, etc.

Why are my print jobs not visible when logging into the copier?

Users MUST be logged in as themselves when they submit the print job.

How do I copy, fax, or scan?

Swipe your ID card or login with your UC credentials to access the copiers copy, scan, or fax features.

What are the costs of student printing?

Students will be charged the following prices for each printed page.

Color $0.25
Grayscale: $0.10

Each students print balance is set to $50.00 USD at the begining of each semester. Additional funds can be purchased at through paypal.

What are the costs of employee Printing?

Costs from our copier vendor will be charged back to individual departments based on the amount of employee copier usage.

What other ways can I submit a job for printing?

Users may email their document as an attachment to for printing. Users can also login to the user portal at and upload their document for printing.

These two methods place the print job in the Find_Me print queue, which requires swiping your UC ID or logging in at the copier to release your print job.

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