Student Printing at UC

The University of Charleston uses Pharos, a print management solution, which charges students for the prints they make. Students are credited $50.00 to their account at the beginning of every semester. Additional funds can be purchased.

COST Per Page:                                            
Color                              $0.25
Black and White        $0.10

Quick Navigation

To Release a Document:
  1. Log into a computer, print a document as you normally would.
  2. Swipe your UC ID card at the copier. You will be automatically signed in and displayed with your available funds.
                   No Problem, at the copier, press “Sign In”. Enter your UC Account Name, press Ok, enter your UC Password, and then press Ok. This is the same as swiping your UC ID card.
  4. Press “Print Release” the first button on the screen.
  5. Select the document you wish to print, and press “Print”.
Emailing Documents for Release
You can email documents to Pharos and release them upon arrival at campus.
  1. Login to your UC email (Needs to be YOUR email)
  2. Send your document as an attachment to one of the following email addresses
  3. Upon arrival, swipe your card at a copier and release your document.
  • You must be signed into YOUR UC email for this to work.
  • Documents will be held for 1 day, then deleted if you haven’t released them yet.
  • You can include your print job in the body of the email.. If there is no attachment, and the body contains more than 200 characters
Releasing Documents from My Print Center
  1. Login to My Print Center at

  2. Check the checkbox beside the document you wish to print.

  3. Select a UC printer, and then click print. Your job will be printed to the selected printer.

Adding Funds to your Pharos Account:
  1. Login to My Print Center at

  2. Click Add Funds

  3. Enter the amount of funds you wish to add, Agree to the payment (AND TRANSACTION FEES), then click “Continue to Payment”

  4. Login to Paypal and complete the transaction. You will be credited with the amount you specified.