Technology Infrastructure

UC's IT Department has been under new management since 2013. Since that time various upgrades have been preformed to stay on top of the never ending progression of technology.

Systems at UC

85% of UC's systems are run in the background virtually, utilizing VMWare across several Cisco UCS B series Chasis and multiple SANs totaling more than 100TB in storage space.

Using virtual servers instead of physical ones has many benefits, including:

  • Faster Server Provisioning
  • Easier Backups
  • Smaller Data Center Footprint
  • Increased Uptime
  • Less Power Usage

Network at UC

The network at UC consists of 60+ Cisco switches spawning form a large core switch, connected via fiber. Multiple edge routers provide failover capabilities for the campus' internet connections. Multiple ISPs deliver our bandwidth to the outside world, which totals over 500Mbps. Multiple Cisco Firewalls filter provide network security in conjunction with a Cisco ISE(Identity Services Engine) appliance.

Remote locations are connected to UC's Charleston Campus through MPLSs.

Wifi at UC:

Wireless Internet is provided campus wide at all locations at "G" and "N" speeds. UC uses Cisco Access Points and multiple Cisco Wireless Controllers. You may see the following wireless networks while at UC

  • UC - (Main Network, Must authenticate using UC Credentials)
  • UC-Guest - (Open Network with Captive Portal, No Staff or Faculty network access, Internet Only)
  • UC-Cart - (For use with UC's Laptop Carts)
  • UCResHalls - (Dorm Network. Internet Only, Preshared Key)


UC's primary telephone network is entirely VOIP utilizing Cisco Unified Telecommunications. UC also utilized Cisco Jabber Technology, allowing Faculty and Staff more flexibility when it comes to VOIP.

Computer Labs at UC

UC has 6 computer labs sprinkled around campus available to students. Some of these labs use physical computers, while others utilize thin clients with VMWare's View technology.

Laptop Carts:

UC utilizes 5 laptop carts that are available to instructors. The carts can be setup in any classroom, quickly making a computer lab out of any location. Contact the Helpdesk to reserve a laptop cart for your class.

Testing at UC

UC provides a testing center for various standardized tests. UC offers 10 seats; 5 seats for UC students, 5 seats for public(Depending on the test).
Tests provided are:

  • CLEP
  • DSST
  • ETS
  • TEAS
  • DANTES funded
For more information, visit the Standardized Testing Services page on the UC Website.